Newly Diagnosed

Have you received a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis?

Contact PDEVV Hub to learn more about all of the resources available to you in Evansville!

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Do you want a second opinion?

Local Movement Disorder Specialist Neurologist – Evansville, IN
Dr. Tanaporn Rasameesoraj 812-450-6565

PD Chat

An Evansville Physical Therapist, who specializes in Parkinson’s disease (PD), is offering free one on one educational services to newly diagnosed people with PD and their families. This will be a nonstressful environment where you can personally connect with a health care provider and ask any questions that you may have.

1. Provide a better understanding of the disease and its motor and non-motor symptoms
2. Discuss the need to establish a health care team and the importance of medication timing
3. Explain the importance of daily exercise and activity
4. Supply educational materials and resource information
5. Educate people/family about local resources and exercise opportunities
6. Be a local contact person for the Parkinson Community

To schedule an appointment, please contact Julie Monahan Email

PD Self – Evansville

A National Self-Efficacy program for those diagnosed within the past three years.

Are you newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and wanting to learn more about the disease and how to manage it?

PD SELF  is a national program that provides newly diagnosed Parkinson’s patients with the motivation, confidence, skills and knowledge to improve their quality of life by introducing them to ways of better managing their disease as it progresses over time and provides care partners with education and tools for effective care partnering.

The program has been delivered over 80 times in 18 metropolitan communities,including two courses given in Spanish, and graduated over 1700 participants.

Facilitated by teams consisting of a PD patient who is a previous graduate of the program and a healthcare professional, both of whom receive facilitator training. 

Comments from previous participants from the Evansville area: 

“PD SELF is a valuable source of information helping you to be more assertive in seeking treatments”

“PD Self course makes you feel you are not alone; gives you hope””

“Provides resources where to find help and support”

“Helps the care partner to have more understanding, insight and information about the dz and how to help PWP.”

To learn more about the program visit or call Janice at 812-746-2311

Instructor – Janice Hatler