Scott Bergen

After Scott’s successful business career, he spent many hours learning about the changes that he was experiencing with his body. Educating people about Parkinson’s disease was Scott’s passion after his diagnosis. He would constantly encourage us to get up and move, whether it be to walk the dog around the block, bicycle, participate in a group exercise class or walk up and down the hallway of the hospital. Scott was very caring and compassionate, a great public speaker and advocate for those with PD. He said that his education about PD helped with his cancer diagnosis in that he was aware of the changes happening in his body and knew that any form of exercise got his blood flowing. I will never forget his encouraging words when talking to him about my activities. Please contribute so that we can train new exercise professionals about PD and the benefits of exercise and start a FREE exercise class for people with PD. Scott would be so proud and encourage us, “Right On.”

Barry Waddle

We are so thankful for Barry & Inez and their involvement in the Evansville area Parkinson’s community. Their friendship is treasured and we will miss Barry’s smiling face.


In loving memory of Bill Harwell- missing you always— Jessie, Kenny, Bailey, Hadley, & Lanie B

Tulip Trot Donations 4/29/23