Parkinson’s Disease in Evansville Indiana

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Come on down to Milk and Sugar on Franklin Street and enjoy 25% off ice cream (our treat…we will even cover your bill) and get to know us!

This event is solely based around spreading the word about our new Non-Profit “PDEVV Hub” and what we do!

We want to help our local community with any and all things Parkinson’s Disease related! Anyone and everyone is welcome, even if you have no idea what PD is or just want some free ice cream…come on down! We would love to meet you!

Harley and Kathy (the founders of PDEVV Hub) will be at Milk and Sugar from 5:30-7pm

NEW In-Person Support for People With Parkinson’s
& Care Partners in Evansville

Dinner with a Doctor

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October 10, 2022

Join us for an interactive conversation and dinner between Stories in Parkinson’s (SPARK) Ambassador and a healthcare provider! Sponsored by Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Moving ON With RYTARY
A Community-Based Conversation


Monday October 10, 2022

Welborn Community Room
5/3 Bank Bldg.
20 NW 3rd Street, 15th Floor
Evansville, IN 47708

4:30 PM – Meet & Mingle
5:00 PM – Dinner catered by Just Rennie’s
5:15 PM – Presentation

Join us for an interactive conversation between a Stories in Parkinson’s (SPARK) Ambassador and a healthcare provider! Together, they will share insights about living well with Parkinson’s, managing symptoms, and how RYTARY might be able to help. But that’s not all.

At this event, you will Hear firsthand from a SPARK Ambassador about their experience with Parkinson’s and where they find inspiration.

Explore an exciting Parkinson’s treatment option and resources for talking to your healthcare provider.

Connect with others in the Parkinson’s community and find answers to your question.

Sponsored by Amneal Pharmaceuticals