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Parkinson”s Foundation Volunteers
Kathy McMurray

Parkinson’s Foundation Ambassador

Kathy McMurray became a Parkinson’s Foundation Ambassador because she wanted to help the three out of four people with Parkinson’s who do not receive their medications on time when hospitalized. As a Parkinson’s Foundation Ambassador, she works directly in her local community, Evansville, Indiana, to educate the public and share Parkinson’s Foundation resources. Kathy is working to create connections at Deaconess Hospital and St. Vincent hospital in Evansville and change the culture and policies around Parkinson’s care. When asked about her impact, she said “We have made the physicians and staff aware of the critical need for Parkinson’s disease medications to be given on the patient’s schedule. I am so thankful to advocate for Parkinson’s in my city and to volunteer for an organization that honors its volunteers.”

To order your own Parkinson’s Hospital Kit, visit Parkinson.org/AwareInCare.