World First: Aquatic Therapy Guidelines for Parkinson’s Disease [Infographic]

I’m delighted to share the recent publication of new international aquatic therapy guidelines for Parkinson’s disease – a world-first in achieving international consensus on the evidence-based application of aquatic therapy in the treatment of the illness. Aquatic therapy involves water immersion as an exercise and rehabilitation medium to improve the physical capacity and psychosocial wellbeing […]

World First: Aquatic Therapy Guidelines for Parkinson’s Disease [Infographic]

Perfect Climate Heating & Air Raises Funds for PDEVV Hub & Matches Donations

Perfect Climate Heating & Control has a Parkinson’s fundraising event from now until December 4th. Their team will be taking donations on jobs for any customers that feel they want to donate. If you would like to donate but are not scheduled between the dates we are doing this fundraiser, you can always call their office at 812-615-2807 for any monetary donations you want to give. To Top this off they will be matching up to $1,000. Thank you Perfect Climate Heating & Control.

Ice Cream Social

Come on down to Milk and Sugar on Franklin Street and enjoy 25% off ice cream and get to know us!

This event is solely based around spreading the word about our new Non-Profit “PDEVV Hub” and what we do!

We want to help our local community with any and all things Parkinson’s Disease related! Anyone and everyone is welcome, even if you have no idea what PD is or just want some ice cream…come on down! We would love to meet you!

Harley and Kathy (co-founders) to be there from 5:30 – 7:00 PM